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District Team Members

  • The District Shared Decision Making Team consists of the following members: Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Student Services or designee (chairperson), Kenmore Teachers Association (KTA) President or designee, Kenmore-Tonawanda School Employees Association (KTSEA) President or designee, Kenmore Administrators Association (KAA) President or designee, District Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) President or designee, One representative from each SDMT (identified by each SDMT), and additional members, representatives, students and/or community members as determined by the District Team.


    2016-17 District SDMT Members:

    Jill Ackerman, Teacher Aide (KTSEA)

    Marie Crosby, Parent (Kenmore East High School)

    Patrick Fanelli, Community Relations Coordinator

    Christopher Ginestre, Principal (Franklin Middle School)

    Korri Hall, Teacher (Lindbergh Elementary School)

    Michael Huff, Principal (Hoover Elementary School)

    Shane Magaris, Teacher (Kenmore West High School)

    Ann Morelli, District PTSA President

    Jennifer Morrow, Parent/Community Member

    Lynne Pernick, Teacher (Edison Elementary School)

    Mary Russell, Teacher (Franklin Elementary School)

    Diane Schaeffer, Teacher (Holmes Elementary School)

    Thomas Spengler, Teacher (Hoover Middle School)

    Peter Stuhlmiller, KTA President

    Robin Zymroz, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction & Student Services (Chairperson)