Innovation Contest

  • The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District will soon be accepting proposals for its first-ever Innovation Contest. Anyone with an idea for an innovative new program in Ken-Ton Schools will be invited to submit an abstract description that includes a brief description of what is being proposed, the anticipated outcomes, and what it might look like in the district.

    Submissions may propose any new program or approach to addressing the needs of students as long as it is not specific to one individual school. Examples might include an established model, program or framework that is used in other schools and districts which may be introduced in Ken-Ton Schools; a new system for supporting students or enhancing learning; and new challenges and opportunities for students. Proposals should be in alignment with one of the three goals of “Ken-Ton Forward,” the Ken-Ton School District’s new strategic plan, which is expected to be finalized in July. For more information on Ken-Ton Forward, visit

    The purpose of the contest is to generate new ideas on programs and opportunities for students from the district’s most valuable resource: its stakeholders. All stakeholders of the Ken-Ton School District including parents, teachers, staff, students, residents, alumni, business owners and other community members are eligible to participate.

    Entries will be reviewed and a select number of entrants will be invited back for the next phase of the contest which will allow them to more fully develop their proposals and present their idea to a panel. Ultimately, one proposal will be selected for implementation. Depending on the nature of the proposal, this might consist of a pilot program or smaller-scale implementation to evaluate effectiveness.

    More information will be coming soon and you may email with questions.