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Dear Hoover Families,


The Herbert Hoover Elementary Home School Association (HSA) is the school’s active parent/teacher group. The H.S.A. is made up of parent volunteers and teachers. We work together to plan, organize and implement programs that enrich our children’s educational experiences during their elementary school years. 


We conduct monthly meetings and activities that are announced in the Hoover Eyes, our school’s monthly newsletter.  We invite and encourage you to attend these worthwhile meetings to find out more about H.S.A. and all we do for our children and our school.  Volunteering if rewarding, fun and along the way you may form some long-lasting relationships with other parents.


H.S.A. currently funds 100% of the student field trips, special assemblies, after school events, Gingerbread Shop and much more.  We also hope that you will become involved in the HSA and give some of your precious time to help out for the benefit of our whole school community!


If you would like more information about the HSA or volunteer opportunities, you many contact us personally (our numbers are listed in the Hoover Eyes) or


Like us on Facebook at


Email us at


We know that you will love Hoover Elementary. We believe it has much to offer.


Have a wonderful school year!


2017-2018 HSA BOARD


President                         Susan Sperrazza                862.0195   
Vice-Presidents          Kristen Peruski                875.2462   
                                         Rebecca Kiel                         874.8036   
Treasurer                           Sarah Vinson                         875.2795   
Secretary                         Mollie Johnson                   875.2243
Parent Representative Kristin Kinsella                   939.2055
Parent Representative Sara Opalka-Satchidanand 341-3954