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Orchestra News 
Are you practicing your Concert Music at home every day????  You should be!!  :-)
Our Spring Concert is Thursday, May 19th.  The combined 4th/5th Grade Orchestra will be performing the Twinkle Variations, Hotaru Koi, and African Blessing.  MP3 practice pods have been uploaded to this website for every instrument.  All orchestra students should practice their parts along with the mp3s on this website to help learn how to play their  notes and rhythms in time with the rest of the orchestra.
Two days after our Spring Concert in the Ben Franklin Auditorium, we will again perform our music at Fantasy Island for the Festival Adjudicator. The orchestra will meet at the performance site at Fantasy Island at 9:45 to tune and warm up. We will then play for the adjudicator at 10:30am sharp. Once we are done performing, all students will return to their families so you can enjoy the rest of the day at the amusement park with your families.  (There will be no school chaperones. Students are to remain under the supervision of their families the rest of the day.)

Music is the Food the Feeds the Soul...  

Many studies have been done on how the brain works and how music helps to develop stronger brain functions. As a matter or fact, several years of information gathering here in Ken-Ton found that of all the students that attend Ken-Ton schools, the students who played in Band or Orchestra consistently scored as many as 10 points higher on state exams than non-music students. That alone tells us that learning to play a music instrument enhances a child's brain functions and educational development. But let's not forget the human side of our children. I teach orchestra because I believe in developing the WHOLE child. And what better way to do that than to allow each child the opportunity to express their own thoughts and emotions through music, in a safe and creative environment?
Thought for the day:
 Practice doesn't make perfect.
(It doesn't???)
Only PERFECT Practice makes perfect.  
[Always strive to do your absolute best at home and at school in all things you do... on your instrument and in your academics!]
 A Note to our 4th Grade String Students from Ms. Bauser:

I am so happy you chose to make playing a stringed instrument a part of your life!  I hope you are enjoying classes and rehearsals. The BFES Orchestra is a community of students that all enjoy making music.  You will find MP3 "Practice Pods" of all the music we will learn to play on this website. I hope you will make great use of the MP3s at home to help make your home practice assignments more fun and interesting. I am very proud of how well all our 4th grade string students performed at the last concert.  Just think... you didn't even know how to HOLD your instrument just a few short months ago. But by the end of this school  year, you will be able to play as beautifully as last year's orchestra... and maybe even BETTER!  I look forward to continuing to make beautiful music with you! Happy Practicing!!! 

A Note to our 5th Grade Orchestra Students from Ms. Bauser:

What a terrific year you have had so far! Give yourself a moment to think back to our first week together in 4th grade. You didn't even know how to HOLD your instruments.  And remember what a terrific concert you gave at the end of the year!!!  I hope you are practicing at least 5 days a week for 20-30 minutes, so you can learn all your music in time for our concert on May 19th. We have a very exciting two months ahead of us. So get those instruments out, and let's get practicing!
  MP3 Practice Pods are posted! 
Click on the link to the left to get to the mp3 practice pods and make practicing at home even more fun!

Winter and Spring 2015-2016 Performances... 

Congratulations on some great performances so far this year...
October 24:  Electrify Your Strings Authentic Tour Concert with Mark Wood
December (TBA):  Barnes & Noble Concert 
January 13:  BFES Chorus & Orchestra Concert
 Upcoming Performances:
 May 19:  Spring Concert
May 21:  Fantasy Island Music Festival 
 If you would like more tips on how to make your home practice fun and productive, click on the link on the left side of this page to learn more.  And remember:   PRACTICE IS your orchestra HOMEWORK!
If you ever have any questions, or need to reach me for any reason, you can email me at the following email address:
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