Advanced Placement (AP) are college level courses offered while a student is still in high school. These courses are sponsored and assessed by the College Board.
    • Students may begin taking AP courses as early as Grade 10.

    • AP courses may be taken in conjunction with the IB Diploma Program.  Many IB students take as many as 4 or more AP courses or exams in addition to IB. 

    • Exposure to college level curricula helps students develop the skills necessary to succeed in college before they graduate from high school.  College admissions officers want to see the kind of rigor offered in AP courses on students' high school transcripts.


    AP courses are more challenging than honors or Regents courses, and their course averages are weighted at 1.10.  This weighting can help with both GPA and class rank.  The AP designation will appear on the student transcript.





    • AP courses are recognized by most colleges and universities. 
    • Examinations administered in May are externally scored by the College Board on a scale of 1-5, and exam results are mailed home in early July. Most colleges recognize grades of 3 or better as worthy of college credit and/or a waiver of required courses.
    •  Each college and university has different requirements; we advise students to check with their individual college of interest.


    AP courses may also have other exam requirements, which will determine Regents credit from New York State, or school credit from Kenmore West.


    NOTE:  AP students are required to take the College Board examinations that assess their achievement.  There is a cost to the student for the AP  exams; this year the fee is $87.00 per course.






    • Many AP courses have pre-requisite courses and course averages.  Read the course descriptions below, and see your counselor during course registration to discuss the possibility of AP courses in your schedule.
    • Students with testing accommodations due to an IEP or 504 will be required to apply to the College Board in order to receive these accommodations.  They should see their counselor for more information.




    AP Art 2-D

    This course is designed for the professionally minded student who plans on majoring in art at the college level. This course is extremely intensive and requires the submission of a portfolio to the College Board for successful completion. Upon the successful completion of this course the student will earn college credit in two-dimensional design. Prospective AP students must submit a portfolio and a written proposal at the end of the junior year to the art department for approval.

    Prerequisite: Studio in Art, Drawing & Painting, Designated as a 5 unit art major


    AP Art History

    This course is designed to provide the same benefits to our students as those provided by an introductory college course in Art History. Students will gain an understanding and knowledge of architecture, sculpture, drawing and painting, and other art forms within diverse cultural and historic contexts. In this course, students will examine major forms of artistic expression from the past and the present, as well as from a variety of cultures. We will learn to look at works critically, intelligently, analytically, and with sensitivity to their context. Some guiding questions throughout history include the following: What roles have the arts played in various cultures at various times? How do the arts increase our understanding of history? How does art shape and document a culture? Grading for this course will be based on class discussions, student presentations, written assignments, and unit tests. Prerequisites: Final Averages in English and Social Studies (10th and/or 11th) above 85%.






    AP English Literature and Composition

    This is a comprehensive course in reading, writing, and literary

    analysis for students who like to discuss both the form and content of imaginative literature:  novels, plays, and poetry. The curriculum is a survey of British writers from the 16th to the 20th centuries, and includes a brief survey of literacy criticism. The course will require frequent timed, in-class essays and a brief paper each quarter.This course is open to seniors.

    NOTE:  All pre-IB students must take one course in AP English, either AP Literature or AP Language (see below). Pre-IB students will be required to take the Regents Exam at the end of Grade 10.

    Prerequisite:  Grades 10 & 12





    AP English Language and Composition

    AP English language and Composition is a college freshman English composition course. The focus will be on non-fiction writing and rhetoric, although some fictional literature will also be read. The reading in the course will focus on many essays by a variety of writers both contemporary and classic, and the intensive study of how writers create meaning, style, and a persuasive argument. Students will then incorporate these techniques into their own writing. Students will leave the course stronger readers and much better writers; the preparation will help them with the rest of their high school experience and into college.
    NOTE:  All pre-IB students must take one course in AP English, either AP Language or AP Literature (see above). Pre-IB students will be required to take the Regents Exam at the end of Grade 10.

    Prerequisite:  Grades 10, 11, and 12





    AP Statistics

    Advanced Placement Statistics is designed to prepare students to take the AP Statistics examination and obtain college credit. Nearly as many college students are required to take a statistics course as are required to take a course in calculus. Students interested in fields such as psychology, business, or health medicine should consider enrolling in this course. Projects are an integral part of the course. The curriculum includes exploring data, planning studies, studying probability, and drawing statistical inferences .

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of three math department courses, OR a course grade of 90% in Geometry and/or teacher recommendation.



    AP Calculus

    Advanced Placement Calculus (AB) is a full-year mathematics course designed to prepare students to take the AP Calculus examination and obtain college credit. This course is equivalent to a two-semester college calculus course and covers the theory, techniques, and applications of both differential and integral calculus, emphasizing properties of functions and their graphs (recommended course outline of The College Board). Most colleges require a student to take calculus in order to prepare for a career, not only in mathematics and engineering, but also in the sciences, psychology, economics, and business administration.

    Prerequisites: Minimum of 85% on Algebra 2 / Trig exam;  Pre©\Calc / Pre©\Calc H final grade of 90% or higher.






    AP Harmony

    This is a continuation of Music In Our Lives. More difficult harmonizations are introduced along with melody writing and the analysis of more difficult music. Practical application is stressed through the use of keyboard and voice as well as original composition projects.

    Prerequisite: Music In Our Lives





    Note:  All AP science courses can be used as a third year of science for the NYS Regents diploma.


    AP Biology

    AP Biology is a challenging and demanding course that is presented through college-style lectures, discussion seminars, and selected readings. Topics covered include: biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, evolution, botany, human physiology, animal behavior, and ecology. Students must complete twelve college style laboratory experiences that were developed as a part of the Advanced Placement program. In addition, each student must complete a post AP project. The course is recommended for superior biology students who plan to pursue a career in biology or a biology related field. College policies for granting a credit for taking Advanced Placement Biology vary, but a grade of 4 or 5 (on a scale of 1-5) on the Advanced Placement Examination is usually accepted by colleges in lieu of the introductory course in Biology or counted as an elective course.

    Prerequisite: Students are required to complete a NYS Living Environment Course. It is highly recommended that students have taken Living Environment Honors. Students must have completed or be currently enrolled in Chemistry R. Students who enroll in Advanced Placement Biology are strongly encouraged to complete Physics R before graduation to ensure an adequate background for college level work in Science.



    AP Chemistry

    This course is offered to students who desire a broad background prior to college chemistry. The course emphasizes mathematics and rational thought and should be considered by any student interested in medicine, dentistry, engineering, or any career in science. Non-science majors can use the AP program to satisfy the science requirement which many colleges demand for graduation. This course has been approved by the State Education Department for use as a fifth©\unit of science for the Regents Diploma provided that the student has successfully completed the Regents sciences Earth Science and Living Environment. This course may be taken the same year as Physics. The AP Chem. Labs are comparable to college chemistry labs.

    Prerequisite: Minimum grade of 85% on Chemistry Regents exam and Algebra 2 Regents

    Grade Level: 11, 12



    AP Physics

    This course is designed for students who are contemplating science as a major field of study in college, and will prepare students for the Advanced Placement C examination (mechanics). Strong emphasis is placed on solving a variety of challenging problems in statics, kinematics, linear and rotational dynamics, gravitation, work, and energy. Some problems require knowledge of calculus, but much of the required calculus is covered in class. Students will have the opportunity to perform virtual simulations of problems and gain hands©\on experience with advanced laboratory exercises.

    Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in, or successful completion of (final course grade greater than 90%) of: Math 3 or 4






    AP U.S. History

    The course has a heavy emphasis on college level reading, college level papers, AND lecture and note taking. Successful completion of this course may release students from their college freshman American History requirements. This course may be taken in place of U. S. History & Government requirement providing the student takes the Regents examination and passes it. If the course is taken in addition to the U. S. History & Government course, it may be used as a fifth unit of credit toward a Social Studies sequence.

    Prerequisites: A final grade of 90 or better in Global Studies 10 or permission of the instructor. It is strongly recommended that the student's writing skills be on an Honors level for this course. Completion of a summer reading program is also required.



    AP European History

    Advanced European History is designed to explore the development of Western Civilization in the areas of political, economic, social/cultural, and intellectual thought. The focus of the course is on European History from 1450 A.D. to the present. This course may be used as a fifth unit of credit toward a social studies sequence. This course is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Join the 90,000 plus other students who embark upon the journey to investigate how the modern western world evolved!

    Prerequisites: Final average of at least 85% in previous Social Studies coursework, consistent attendance & above average ability in social studies reading, interpretation, writing, research, & reporting; teacher recommendation.



    AP Microeconomics

    This course satisfies the twenty©\week economics requirements for all seniors and prepares the students for the AP exam in economics in. AP Economics emphasizes basic microeconomic concepts and understandings. Also included are compatible microeconomic and international trade theories as required by New York State.

    Prerequisites: Social Studies 9, 10, 11; demonstration of strong ability to read and analyze data. Student must have at least an 85% average in math and social studies 11. Also consistent attendance & above average ability in social studies reading, interpretation, writing, research, & reporting;  teacher recommendation.



    AP American Government & Politics

    This course is an introductory college level course in American Government that is designed to give students a critical perspective on government and politics in the United States. Major topics include constitutional foundations of government, institutions and the policy making process, citizen participation, the role of political parties, interest groups, and civil rights and liberties.

    Prerequisites: Demonstrates strong ability to read and write across content areas. Student must have at least an 85% average in English and social studies 11; successful completion of summer reading program.

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