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The L.O.T.E. (Languages other than English) department at Franklin Middle is dedicated to helping students become proficient in a second language in an enjoyable and positive atmosphere. We hope to encourage enthusiasm and a sense of openness and appreciation for others and their cultures.
Our goals are to implement various classroom activities that will result in the maximum number of students’ scoring a 65 on the eighth grade New York State Second Language Proficiency Exam in order to obtain one high school credit.

Seventh Grade

Seventh Graders have language class every day for the entire school year.  This is the first half of a high school level course.  Students are introduced to the language, culture, and geography of the countries in which the language is spoken.  All aspects of language learning are covered: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.  A comprehensive final exam is given at the end of the year.

Eighth Grade

Eighth Graders have language class every day for the entire school year.  This is the second half of the high school level course.  Greater emphasis is placed on speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the target language.  In June, the students take an equivalent to the New York State Second Language Proficiency Exam as their final exam.  Success on this exam, a passing grade of 65%, will earn the student one high school credit toward graduation, and will fulfill the foreign language requirement for a N.Y.S. Regents Diploma. 

Graduation Requirements

All students must have 2 years (seventh and eighth grade) of foreign language study, and earn 1 unit of high school credit by passing the N.Y.S. Second Language Proficiency Exam, which is given, at the end of eighth grade in order to receive a high school Regents Diploma.

To receive a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation students must complete two additional units of study and pass the Regents Exam at the high school level.

The language department highly recommends that your son/daughter continue with their language study, especially if their plans are to attend university or college. It is mandatory that a second language is studied in most universities or colleges.  Studying a second language in high school will be a great benefit to their success in the future.

Last Modified on November 19, 2012