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The Benjamin Franklin Middle School Science Department has a spiral curriculum, which covers the New York State Intermediate Core Curriculum in three years.  This means that students are exposed to each of the four branches of science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics) every year in middle school.  Also, what is learned in one year is built upon in the following years.
In seventh and eighth grades, we are currently using Holt Reinhardt and Winston’s Holt Science and Technology 2002 series textbooks.  Each unit has a separate text, so the students use five thin textbooks during the year instead of one large volume.  Sixth grade students continue work with Prentice Hall, Discovery Works, and Holt, Reinhart and Winston texts.
At the beginning of April, the eighth grade students take the New York State Intermediate Level Science Assessment, Performance.  This lab “practical” is a hands-on assessment of the students’ ability to do science.  The Intermediate Level Science Assessment, Written, is administered at the end of April or early May.  This is a paper and pencil test of science concepts and reading skills.
Last Modified on September 16, 2015