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Special Education Department BFMS
Mrs. Boland Room 298                                    Mrs. Beers-Rubin Room 361                                    Mrs. Fay Room 264
Mr. Brunner Room 291                                    Mrs. Panepinto Room 352                                        Ms. Loomis Room 378
Ms. Hoerner Room 193                                    Mrs. Hoover Room 255                                            Mr. Witul Room 376
Mr. Murphy Room 195                                    Mrs. Donhauser Room 351
Ms. Almeter Room 380                                    Ms. Rizzo Room 272
Special Education classes are available to students who have been identified by the District Committee on Special Education (C.S.E.) as having an educational disability.  These disabilities include: blindness, deafness, emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, mental retardation and physical disabilities. Through specialized instruction using a variety of instructional strategies, students are taught both academics and communication skills necessary to become independent and contributing members of society. An Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.) is developed for each special education student with appropriate short and long-term goals.

Several special education programs are available to students who have been identified as having an educational disability by the Committee on Special Education.  Special education instruction or services may include special education courses, tutoring, or consultant services.  Students are placed in the least restrictive program available in which important for the success of students in these programs.  Please contact your child’s school counselor if you feel that he or she should be evaluated by the Committee on Special Education for special educational services.





Classes are co-taught by a Regular Education Teacher and a Special Education Teacher in all the core content area subjects: English, Math, Science and Social Studies at all grade levels. 
In addition, all students in the co-taught program have a 9th period of Academic Study Hall to assist students with their daily assignments
All lessons in the co-taught program are co-planned by both the special & general education teacher.  Lessons are modified and scaffolded to meet the needs of all students in the classroom.


All the core content area subjects: English, Math, Science and Social Studies at all grade levels.  In addition, most of the students in the 15:1 Self-contained cotaught program have a period of Co-taught Study Skills to assist them with their daily assignments.  A variety of classroom strategies will be used to ensure that the students learn the Common Core Learning Standards as well as meet the goals and objectives of their IEPS.
8:1:1 PROGRAM:

The 8:1:1 is a special program provided by the Kenmore-Tonawanda School District offering middle school students with emotional and behavioral disabilities an alternative classroom setting in which an emphasis is placed on addressing behavioral issues as well as providing academic instruction aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards.  Students work closely with their teachers, counselors and school psychologists.  Reward programs are set up where students can earn privileges for positive behavior.



Last Modified on September 28, 2015