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Technology Teachers:

Mr. Stawisuck                  Mr. Lueth                 

    The goals and curriculum of the B.F.M.S. Technology Department are aligned to the N.Y.S. standards using engineering-based problem solving activities to encourage students to think critically.

    6th Grade - Students spend 20 weeks in technology education.  Activities include: computer repair, electronics, graphic design, hydroponics, simple machines, and technical writing.  Students disassemble a computer and put it back together.  They build several circuits with real electrical parts and finish with a circuit tester project in which they etch the circuit board and solder the parts.

    7th Grade - Students spend 10 weeks in technology education.  Activities include: aerospace, construction, simple robotics, structures and transportation.  The student’s design, build, and control (via remote control) a robot that plays hockey against other classmates.  During this activity, students learn about the world of manufacturing and other concepts like gears and pulleys.

    8th Grade - Students spend 10 weeks in technology education.  Activities include: graphic communications, flight, and robotic programming.  Students learn a basic programming language and are taught how to interface things to a computer.  Projects consist of building the following: a robotic arm that juggles, a robot that shoots baskets, a Disney robotic engineer, and an interface to automatically control a puppet.

Joe Stawisuck - Department Chair

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