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              Department of Physical Education,              Recreation & Athletics
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The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda community recognizes the importance of the interscholastic athletic experience in the total development of the student. We view the interscholastic program as co-curricular in nature and we feel that through these activities our students develop commendable traits. We support our interscholastic program, which provides a unique experience where students can develop and refine attributes such as, but not limited to:
Social Skills

 Good Character


 Goal Setting

 Self Discipline






 Self Confidence
Supervisor, Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics
Joan Perna
       Physical Education & Athletics Office
1680 Military Road
Buffalo, NY 14217
     Phone:  716-871-3082
Fax: 716-873-1259

Modifeid Shuttle: Any 8th grader that attends KE or KW  and would like to try out for a modified sport can take the Modified Sport Shuttle from their high school to their respective middle school.  The shuttle will run all season. Students that wish to use the shuttle to get to practice must either attend the sports study hall in the old gym or be working with a teacher.
Students are NOT permitted to wander the building while they wait for the shuttle. 
KE Shuttle will pick up at the KE porch at 3:10 and drop off at FMS.  Bus leaves at 3:15.
KW Shuttle will pick up at Door 4 (near the old gym) at 3:15 and drop off at HMS.  Bus leaves at 3:20. 
Parents must pick students up after practice at the practice site.   
Use the link above to download the necessary forms for athletic participation. You MUST have a current physical and update form on file to try out for a sport.  
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