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ensemble rehearsal schedule 2017/2018 pet
Odd days (1,3,5) 
period 3:   6th Grade Band; 6th/7th Grade Chorus A 
period 4:   5th Grade Orchestra;  5th Grade Chorus A
Even days (2,4,6)
period 3:  7th Grade Band; 6th/7th Grade Chorus B; 6th/7th Grade Orchestra 
period 4:  5th Grade Band; 5th Grade Chorus B 
Glee: Wednesdays 3:05- 4:00 
Ms.Welfare,  General music 5-7/ Chorus 6&7/ Glee Choir                         
Mrs. Hasselback,  General music 5-7/ Chorus 5                                                 
Miss Cartwright, Orchestra 5/ Orchestra 6&7/ String ensemble/ lessons                           
Mrs. Kwitowski  Band 6/ Band 7/ Jazz Band/ lessons                                                  
Mrs. Moore, Band 5/ lessons                                                                                             
Mrs. Odrobina, General music 5-7/ string lessons                    
Last Modified on July 11, 2017