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1494     COLVIN BLVD

(716) 874-8475

Timothy E. Ames, Director of Facilities

Nicholas DiFrancisco, Executive Housekeeper

Bernadette Kankiewicz, Sr. Clerk Stenographer

Cindy Laughlin-Scott, Clerk Typist
Katie Burd, Clerk Typist


The Buildings & Grounds Department consists of approximately 140 employees and is responsible for 22 buildings, which consists of 13 active schools, three rental properties, and six auxiliary buildings.  We are responsible for over two million square feet of floor area that are maintained and cleaned on a daily basis, plus five swimming pools.  There are  98 acres of land, which include 15 district playgrounds, 18 soccer fields, four football fields, 28 tennis courts, and 22 baseball diamonds. 

Buildings & Grounds maintains all fields, which includes grass cutting, fertilizing, and drain tiles, as well as snow removal district-wide.   We are responsible for recycling and refuse pick-up throughout the school district.

We manage and oversee all Capital Projects district-wide that are approved by the community.


Last Modified on August 27, 2015