Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Community Members:


I sent the following message to our staff members in my weekly communication.  I would like to share this message with everyone in the Franklin Middle School Community because it provides insight into the type of educational environment we are trying to create at FMS.  



Yesterday was a great day!  I received a gift card to the Apple Store from a family member as a Christmas present.  I used the proceeds from the card to order Apple’s AirPod earbuds.  The earbuds have been so popular that they finally arrived 6 weeks after I ordered them. 

The AirPods are an extremely innovative product that accomplishes something that is difficult for many tech gadgets to accomplish.  They just work, right out the of box!  No setup or pairing required, they just work!  We have finally made the jump from complex and difficult to easy and manageable.

I now had an hour of so of free time because I did not have to spend any time setting up and pairing my headphones.  My mind wandered frequently because I could not stomach watching one more minute of the Buffalo Sabres game.  So, I began to think about the Apple Corporation and think about the reasons why it took 6 weeks to receive their latest product.   Why do people wait in lines for hours or wait for 6 weeks for the privilege to buy the latest from Apple? 

Besides having an incredible marketing strategy, Apple creates products that are industry “first.”   People want these products because they can do things that no other products can do.  Apple has successfully shifted from a computer company to a technology company that creates many different products designed to improve the quality of life for millions of people.  They are currently in the research and development phase to create an electric car!  I would guess that they would not exist today if they concentrated on only making computers.    

What is needed to create the conditions for this type of phenomenal success at FMS?  First, we need to encourage risk taking and out of the box thinking.  We must be creative and lead initiatives rather than follow someone else’s lead.  We must also foster collaborative creativity.  And, we must never be satisfied with the status quo!

There are many examples of creative and innovative ideas at FMS.  Some recent examples include our commitment to pioneer Mindfulness at FMS.  We will be employing a collaborative and creative approach to redevelop our master schedule in 2017-2018.  We are also constantly examining changes in programming that will provide our students with the tools they need for success.  

I am very pleased that our Shared Decision Making Team has taken the philosophy of the Apple corporation to heart, as they have developed and are implementing many creative ideas.  I encourage all of our teams to think this way.  I envision our teams to work in a risk free environment where they can take risk, experiment with new ideas, and develop ideas that other schools follow.  Let’s think BIG, take some chances, and create an excellent learning environment at FMS! 


Christopher J. Ginestre


Benjamin Franklin Middle School


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