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    Welcome to Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Adult & Community Education! We are the leading provider of educational programs and lifelong learning for people of all ages in the Ken-Ton community. We offer:

    • The most extensive catalog of community-driven educational courses and activities in Western New York
    • Opportunities to learn new hobbies and pursue your passions
    • Programs for school-age children, such as sports, driver education and SAT preparation
    • Comprehensive resources for those seeking a High School Equivalency diploma (formerly GED)
    • College and workplace skill development
    • English as a Second Language instruction


    Department News - 6/16/2018: 

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    Department News - 6/8/2018:

    On 6/6/2018 part of the ESL team, dedicated Citizenship volunteers, and students bid a bittersweet farewell to Hannah Hamner, ESL Instructor. Hannah served as a pivotal role in our ESL program and our students and colleauges will miss her tremendously. We wish you well on your worldly travels, Hannah!

    The Adult Education Department also wants to congratulate Ali, dedicated English and Citizenship student, on obtaining his United States Citizenship! Ali has worked on English proficiency and Citizenship material mastery for months on end and successfully passed the exam and interview process. We are very proud of you, Ali! A special thanks to our loyal Citizenship volunteers from Jericho Road who helped prepare Ali.


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    Interested in our community education offerings?

    Visit the Community Education Page where you can find payment/registration information, register online, propose a new course offering, and more. To view the most recent catalog click the link below! 

    Spring/Summer 2018 Community Education Catalog



    Looking for information on high school equivalency/GED preparation or adult education programs?

    Visit the High School Equivalency/GED Page to learn about resources that will help you earn your High School Equivalency (GED). You can also visit the Adult Education Page for additional educational resources for adults including basic education classes and the Pre-Collegiate Programs Page to learn about the Pathways to Success/Pre-Collegiate Programs partnership with Erie Community College.



    Want to know more about our English as a Second Language instruction?

    Visit the English as a Second Language Page to learn about programs that offer language and skill development opportunities for non-English speaking learners.


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    Liza M. Acanfora


    (716) 874-8403 ext. 32232

     Office Information:

    Philip Sheridan Building

    3200 Elmwood Ave.

    Buffalo, NY 14217

    Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    The office is closed on all school district holidays and during recesses. Visit the District Calendar Page for district calendar information.

    When the Ken-Ton School District is closed due to weather conditions, adult and community education programs will also be cancelled. 

    Contact Information (Community Education):


    Lauren Curry 

    Clerk Typist 

    (716) 874-8500 ext. 35313


    Gina Walck 

    Senior Clerk Typist 

    (716) 874-8500 ext. 35324


    Contact Information (Adult Education): 


    Stephanie Bevacqua 

    GRASP Instructor

    (716) 874-8403 


    Mary Dolan 

    High School Equivalency Instructor

    (716) 874-8403 ext. 32225


    Jaime Herbeck 

    ESL Instructor 

    (716) 874-8411 ext. 32226


    Denise Jurewicz

    Teacher Aide/Intake and Assessment 

    (716) 874-8403 ext. 32631


    Lindsey Martin 

    ESL Instructor 

    (716) 874-8411 


    Emily Tennant-Koller

    Case Manager/Career Counselor

    (716) 874-8403 ext. 32632